The holidays are over!

Christmas ornaments
Bye bye Christmas cookies!


The presents have been unwrapped, the guests have gone home, and the year 2017 has begun. Let's use the topic of the holidays to practice some interesting vocabulary words but not the usual "star, Christmas cookie, candy cane" ones!


This blog post gives you a chance to practice words and expressions that end in "over." You will find these words in bold print in the story below.


Try reading without a dictionary, and let the story tell you the meaning of any words you don't know. My next blog post will be a quiz you can use to check the German definitions of the vocabulary words.


holiday card

Christmas cards: A holdover from earlier times?

I love getting holiday cards from friends and family members. Every year there are fewer cards, unfortunately. Maybe printed cards are just a holdover from earlier times and will soon disappear, but I hope not!

airport at sunset

A long layover is no fun!

Some American friends were here for a holiday visit and couldn't get a direct flight back home. So they had a long layover at Heathrow, in Londonfour hours.


How to get over a hangover

When the holidays were over, I took all the empty wine bottles to glass recycling. We had a full house on New Year's Eve; some friends decided to stay over and then drive home the next morning. With dinner we drank lots of wine, and a couple of our guests had a terrible hangover in the morning.


How can you get over a hangover quickly? You can't! The experts say the best thing you can do is sleep, drink lots of water, and wait until you feel better.