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We provide high-quality, customized English instruction and coaching (in English and German).


Here are the principles we use in our work:

  • Learning should be fun.
  • The topics and materials used should keep your motivation high.
  • Personalized feedback is important for your learning.
  • Learning (and learning how to learn) can take place at any age.
  • One size fits all? Not with us! We work with your needs and interests.

We are specialists in helping German speakers to improve their English. Of course, we also enjoy working with students from varied backgrounds and many different cultures.

Our professional background

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Fern Kushner grew up in New York, where she got her bachelor's degree in German language and literature from Hunter College and worked as a proofreader and copyeditor. After becoming certified as a teacher of the Alexander Technique, she moved to Cologne. In 1997, she began teaching English to children and adults.

Fern has taught business and technical English in companies both large and small, as well as running conversation groups and grammar clinics. Her specialty is helping business people use English on the job, and she enjoys using technology to support learning.

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Elise Kushner is a certified systemic coach and IT specialist, with many years of training experience in business contexts. Her special areas of interest include interpersonal communication styles, gender awareness, creativity, and the neuroscience of learning.


Elise was born and grew up in New York State. She received her bachelor's degree in music composition from Williams College. After living in New York City, she moved to Germany in 1985.


With Fern Kushner, Elise developed the Kushner-Methode ─ the easy and fun way for children to learn English, using original music!


Please visit our Kushner-Methode website at www.kushnermethode.de and check out our videos on YouTube.