Learn more English with free online resources

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This page lists free online resources that you can use to improve your English. We keep adding more resources, so please check back from time to time!


 Online dictionaries

  • The Macmillan online dictionary gives you English definitions of English vocabulary words, with audio included. (Just type your word into the Search box.) You'll also find lots of fun tips here about useful phrases, plus words that are new to the English language.Scroll down the page on the Macmillan dictionary website to choose between British and American pronunciation.
  • Check LEO if you need to find English definitions of a technical German term. Click on the icon that shows the German and British flags and then enter your search term.
  • dict.cc gives you English-German and German-English translations. You can search for individual words or for phrases, so this is a great way to find your word in context. (Dictionaries for many other European languages are available as well on the website.)
  • LanguageGuide.org is like a picture dictionary with audio. It's interactive and fun, a good choice if you want to practice the words for everyday things.
  • FORVO is a different kind of dictionary. It doesn't give you definitions of words; instead, you can type a word into the search box and hear it pronounced by speakers from different English-speaking countries.

Vocabulary practice

Quizlet is a free online platform for practicing vocabulary. There are electronic flashcards and games you can use. Click here to try out Fern's Quizlet list of prepositions in business phrases. Practicing with Quizlet is lots of fun and it really works!


Online videos

Yes, you can learn English and have fun at the same time! Vicki Hollett and Jay Silber make Simple English Videos about vocabulary, grammar, and other topics. These videos are short, fun, and full of good tips. Here's a video that shows you 26 free ways to learn more English.


Streaming Internet radio

Radio-Hitz.com has a portal that lists Internet radio stations from the U.S., Australia, and other English-speaking countries. There are lots of music stations, and you can listen to news on CNN.


Free online exercises

Business Spotlight magazine focuses on German speakers who want to improve their business English. The Business Spotlight website offers free quizzes, podcasts, grammar tips, and an interesting blog (with German definitions of tricky words).


Online level tests

You can check your English level with these online tests. The tests are not exact, but they give you a general idea of your level. This can help you when you need to choose a course or buy a book for self-study.

  • The German publisher Cornelsen also offers online tests. Click here for Cornelsen's business English placement tests.

CEFR levels

What does it mean if your language level is A2 or C1? Here's an overview of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) with online tests. Click here to see the descriptions in German.