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What do you need to do at work? Let us help you. . .

  • take part in telcos and meetings
  • write clear and professional emails in English
  • understand different accents
  • get your message across in presentations
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One size fits all? Not with us!

No two people learn the same way
No two people learn the same way! That's why we offer:
  • personalized online lessons and coaching sessions
  • special English-learning tips for German speakers
  • in-company courses in business and technical English  (Cologne and Bergisches Land)
  • learning materials to fit individual needs and interests
  • interactive quizzes for practice anytime you want
  • "learning how to learn" support to make your learning more effective

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And for special needs, special English services

  • proofreading and editing: Make sure your presentation slides and website texts in English are clear and correct. Let us check them for you.
  • coaching for presentations and job interviews, including emergency last-minute sessions